Jumaat, 2 Mac 2012

Lovely Perfume: Banyaknye Perfume Saya!

Ok maybe you thinks the title is not realy related to the picture i post, what i want to say is i love this type and brand perfumes, Morrocon Rose EDT has a pleasent smell of roses, and i also love the Limited Edition Rougeberry EDT smell its fits me very well! A sophisticated scent with lemon oil, a hint of spice, warm vanilla and sensual musk, offering you a modern interpretation of a traditional rose fragrance. Featuring essence of Moroccan rose, this elegant fragrance exudes ultra femininity. While a sparkling explosion of berry fruits and beautiful florals in Rougeberry will awakens the senses for a sensual appeal.

Moroccan Rose Eau De Toilette by Bodyshop (50ml). 
Limited Edition Rougeberry Eau De Toilette by Bodyshop (30ml).
Full Family Collection
Ah, i actually not addict to the brand but most of perfumes i have is from The Body Shop, i also Green Tea from Alizaberth Arden and Enchanter. I buy it coz i thinks its price is affordable to me and the smell suits me!  Above is full family perfumes collections, the two big bottlle in purple and transparent color is my husband's perfume, i give him as birtday and wedding present.  I love the smell when he wearing it.

So, what what is your favourite Perfume?
Dont shy...Do share it with me in comment below =) 

Haha, actually semua perfume yang diatas tidak sempat saya habiskan kerana, terlalu banyak bagi saya..yer la pakai jarang2 jer bila nak pegi kuliah dan masa keluar dating dengan suami..tapi perfume suami saya cepat habis, sebab dia suka bau tuu dan saya pun suka..dia memang pakai untuk pergi kerja..so, cepat la habisnyer..

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